Water Services COORDINATOR


  • Management of all types of applications with Sydney Water including Section 73 Compliance Certificates, feasibility to determine your development’s requirements prior to the development and adjustment and deviation to manage pipe upgrades where your development requires extra capacity.
  • Management of Sydney Water Tap-in® applications.
  • Initial review of industrial, commercial and residential developments and provide advice to assist you with your planning.
  • Master planning and overall development planning.
  • Project management, design and construction supervision of minor and major assets:
    • Recycled water mains up to 375mm
    • Waste water mains from 150mm to 750mm
    • Pressure sewer systems
    • Pumping stations and Interim Operation Plans (IOP)
    • Stormwater pipes and channels of any size
  • Implementation of the procurement process for projects that are eligible for reimbursement from Sydney Water, including preparation of costs estimates, tender management and liaison with Sydney Water to obtain approvals.
  • Building Plan Approval process on behalf of Sydney Water, where a building or development might affect a pipeline, structure or other Sydney Water assets.
  • Preparation and implementation of Flow Management and Flow Isolation for potable and waste water pipes.