Lewisham Estate

  • DATE:

    2011 - Ongoing
  • Client:

  • Service:

    Preliminary, DA and CC design and documentation for Development and Construction Certificate Application.

Lewisham Estate is a proposed mixed-use development comprising of residential, commercial and retail uses. an underground carpark basement and public domain improvements.

 AT&L were engaged to carry out a Existing Servicing study and liaising with Service  Authorities to determine service constraints and location of existing services, review the existing stormwater  and prepare design drawings for the diversion of a major Council stormwater asset around the proposed site.  AT&L were responsible for liaising with various Authorities such as Sydney Water, Marrickville Council, Network Rail and RMS for approval for the infrastructure works associated with the development.  The site is within a known flood prone area so consultation with Flood Modelling Consultant was  required to ensure the development did not adversely affect the surrounding environment from a flooding perspective.

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