Dane Segail

Dane has over 5 years experience as a project manager and civil engineer within the areas of land development, with most of his time spent on residential and industrial projects.

Dane’s strong people, process and technical skills have laid the groundwork for his various roles as a Project Manager, Contract Administrator, Tender Manager and Financial Officer (budgetary management). Dane has worked on a variety of projects from bulk earthworks, to subdivision civil works, through to open space embellishment works.

Most recently, Dane has been responsible for the project management delivery (preparation and management of tenders) and superintendency for a number of parks, ovals and other open spaces located at Lend Lease’s Ropes Crossing and Jordan Springs Estate’s.

Dane also has experience in civil engineering design, utility design and coordination, RMS WAD works, WSUD and MUSIC modelling and approvals management, rounding out Dane’s knowledge base and making him a key asset in any role on any project.

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